A downloadable game for Windows

Face hordes of enemies with only time on your side. Every shot you take will cost you time so use it wisely. The creatures you face will mutate into more powerful beings, killing them will reward you with more time with each mutation, but be careful, if an enemy is allowed to mutate too much, it will become unstoppable.

This is my first ever game and was made for Heart Jam 2018 in 72 hours. Depending on the reception it gets I may continue developing it.


Bullet Time.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and run 'Bullet Time.exe' to play.


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This a lot of fun!  A bit tough to get three shots on an enemy but that makes it challenging and forces you to think more.  The game-feel is excellent, definitely getting those Super Crate Box vibes.  I also like how your own bullets can wrap around and hit you, nice touch!

Thanks for your kind words and your feedback, really happy you like the game! :D